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Lost & Lonesome Record Company

With a band name so simple you can’t help but want to love them, Footy are an electric piano duo from Melbourne. Paddy Gordon and Lewis Mulvey craft instrumental tunes that are hard to categorise, making them a unique and enthralling proposition. The sophomore album is cleverly titled Record, a term that could strike a chord with music fans and those that love the great Australian game.

Record is a more ambitious effort from the duo as they shy away from any of the production trickery of their debut and create the seven songs here without the aid of any overdubs, to give a sound that would be similar to having Footy live in your living room. Consciousness is a sparse beast with the two pianos weaving around each other at a leisurely pace as spoken words relating to consciousness being an absolute raise their pretentious head before letting the music again create subtle tone.

There is many an influence that shape the tunes of Footy as they draw on a love of jazz, experimental pop and contemporary classical whilst covering the range of emotions on these low production songs. The lightest moment comes in the form of The Price Is Right which adds forced vocals that reflect on the allure of late afternoon television.

Record finds Footy making a record that is better suited as the soundtrack to Nick Reiwoldt crying in the dug-out, or the long, lonely walk home from training in the rain than to celebrating a juiced up Bombers win, but therein lies their appeal.

3 stars


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