FOO FIGHTERS @ nib Stadium gets 9.5/10

Foo Fighters @ NIB Stadium
w/ Weezer, Cosmic Kahuna
Saturday, January 20, 2018


Judging by all the posts on various social media platforms, it was clear that at least half of Perth would be descending on nib Stadium to see the Foo Fighters headline their third show there – this time bringing Weezer and Cosmic Kahuna with them.

Cosmic Kahuna (from Melbourne) opened the show, playing to those who were willing to brave the heat just so they ensured they got the prime spots. They were loud, fast and you could see why they were chosen to be on the tour. However, they divided the audience. Some clearly loved the band and others were clearly there to see the main two bands. I am not alone in my belief that there were so many Perth bands that could have filled that spot successfully but they did a great job in warming up the crowd.


Weezer was next up and opened with In The Garage, Surf Wax America and Pork And Beans (with a slight change in lyrics: “Australia knows the way to the top of the charts”). “This next song is off our new album,” Rivers Cuomo told the audience as they played Happy Hour.


It was El Scorcho that really got the audience singing along with them as well as Undone – The Sweater Song and an excellent cover of The Pixies Where Is My Mind. They also played Hash Pipe, Beverly Hills and Say It Ain’t So. “Thanks Perth! Let’s do one more.” Cuomo said as they finished with Island In The Sun. “Australia! Thank you guys!” as they walked down the walkway to cheers and took a bow.


The only ‘disappointing’ thing about their set was that the wind had picked up so that sound quality was not the best if you were down in the pit. That and the fact that they weren’t doing their own headline tour. There were so many Weezer fans there that could have continued watching them for another few hours at least. It’s only their third time here in 26 years so a full tour would have been welcomed with open arms. Their performance could not be faulted at all and hopefully, they will be back again soon.

Foo Fighters

By the time Foo Fighters came on stage, NIB Stadium was packed to the rafters. They came out to much fanfare and opened with new song Run, All My Life, Learn To Fly and The Pretender and the crowd just ate it up.

They had guest vocalists on stage for The Sky Is A Neighborhood and seeing the song live for the first time was just magical. While it’s a great song on recording, playing it live took it to a whole new level. Rope saw an extended jam leading straight into Sunday Rain with Taylor Hawkins singing and drumming. All I can say is that Hawkins is an Animal – insane!

Foo Fighters

“Hey! Sorry it took us a whole fucking hour to say hello! You know we’ve got a whole bunch of songs,” Dave Grohl told the stadium. He told us how last time they were here, he had to fly back home for the daddy daughter dance and ended up with “a little stomach thing; saw a doctor; drank a Guinness and played the show. We are starting the tour here because of that!” he said before dedicating My Hero to a five year old who was standing at the barrier.

They also played These Days, Walk, Let It Die (“one for the old school fans”), White Limo and Arlandria. For Breakout (“So 90s!” Grohl laughed) he had the lights turned off and got everyone to turn on their phone torches and the stadium lit up. It was one of those moments that give you goosebumps with everyone’s voices carrying over the sound of the band.

Foo Fighters

Grohl introduced the back-up singers, Barbara, Sam and Laura for their last new song for the night – Dirty Water. While it was clear that the majority of the audience was not as familiar with this song, they still enjoyed it.

Grohl introduced the band and had everyone do a little solo including new band member Rami Jaffee. “Last but not least – the one; the ONLY man that can wear board shorts to a formal function and can make a drum set look like a sushi restaurant – that’s my Mr Miagi!”

Foo Fighters

“Wax on, wax off,” Hawkins replied. “Howdy Perth!” He proceeded to get the stadium singing after him with a cheeky grin.

Grohl got behind the kit for a cover of Queens’s Under Pressure. Hawkins completely owned the stage and deserves full credit for his performance. If we didn’t know it before, he just confirmed that he is the complete package and an absolute showman. “Dave Grohl on the drums you rocking motherfuckers!” he screamed out.

“That is the most fucked up drum kit I’ve ever played on! What the fuck?” Grohl shook his head with Taylor grinning.

Foo Fighters

They finished up with Monkey Wrench and Best Of You before walking off stage. Grohl and Hawkins did their usual tease with the crowd, working them up so that we could ‘earn’ more songs for the encore.

Grohl came out running down the walkway and played Battle Of The Beaconsfield Miners and a cover of The Beatles’ Blackbird. Having seen Paul McCartney sing it only a month prior, it’s possible Grohl did it even better. They ended with Times Like These, This Is A Call and Everlong.

Once more, the Foo Fighters showed us just why they are one of the greatest rock bands on the planet right now. They have never put on a mediocre show, they always play as hard and as loud as they can and they ALWAYS give us the Best of them. While it’s too early to call it yet, I am finding it hard to think of another band touring this year that will put on as good a performance or better than this show. The bar has been set.


Photos by Paul Dowd Photography

Foo Fighters