Foam – Photo by JF Foto

Flowermouth / Race To Your Face
The Bird
Saturday, January 31, 2015


The Bird was packed to the nines for the launch party of Puck and Foam’s split 12” vinyl release. The punters packed in early to hear the sounds of the Fat Shan’s curated event and the bevvies were flowing freely as the night got under way.

Kicking off the night were local duo Race To Your Face, a two piece instrumental outfit whose dreamy, well considered sounds were the perfect springboard for a sweet night of music. Percussion softly hit with perfect precision while sweet guitar lines were looped and processed over each other into a beautiful conglomerate of tones. The energy of the music moved perfectly and had the crowd swaying in moments.

Next up and fresh off tour with Violent Soho, Flowermouth came to the stage with a slightly heavier sound, packing impassioned and pleading vocals which rode over heavy and emotion laced riffs. The room was truly full up now and the line began to creep around the street as the temperature increased and the sweat began to flow. Verging on the hardcore, Flowermouth have a wicked energy which was injected into the crowd, setting the night up to be a good one.

Foam were up next with their grungy yet sweet offering. Vocals lurched with a somewhat melancholic edge over well paced, metallic riffs. Possessing a great control of energy and crowd awareness, Foam moved through their set with perfect precision and the crowd were truly riled up. For a three piece, they certainly keep things banging and the power was pretty immense. There is a loose thrashy vibe to Foams tunes that immediately get the room hot.

Last up were Puck, whose sweet and solid sound brought the night to a killer close as everyone was thoroughly refreshed and filled with feelings from the generally awesome lineup. Banging mechanical riffs with a retro tone and eerie vocals were framed by a funky drum style which kept heads nodding. Layers of effects filled the room and the concrete dreaminess was quite absorbing.

It was a fantastic gig with an absolutely killer line-up which brought all the boys and girls to the yard, the only downside was the limited capacity of The Bird which saw a lot of punters waiting around to get in and enjoy the bands. Nonetheless, an awesome performance from all involved and a spectacular way to celebrate this release.