FOALS The Runner gets 7/10

The Runner


Foals are on a roll. After releasing their latest album, Everything Not Saved Will Be Lost Part 1 in early March, Part 2 is coming on October 18, and Foals have been teasing the album with some very enticing singles, firstly Black Bull and now The Runner. 

The two tracks have the distinctive Foals sound fans know and love, with catchy choruses, driving guitars, singer Yannis Philippakis’ ever familiar voice and a constant build. True to form, The Runner is not as heavy as the first offering (Foals’ previous first singles such as Inhaler and What Went Down have had a tendency to rock), but there is no doubt it will be a great staple in their amazing live sets, especially with the funky riff at the start of the track.

The guitar riffs and solos throughout the song really are the star, but the tune’s sense of determination also shines through, championed by the lines,”Every step that I will take/ I’ll make sure that I won’t break,” and “If I fall down, fall down/ Then I know to keep on running.” Lyrically and melody-wise the track gets a little repetitive, making it great for a live show, but slightly annoying when listening to the song on its own.

Story-wise, Yannis has described the song as a call to find a sense of purpose and perseverance despite the odds and despite the troubles we may find inside or outside ourselves, which is definitely enhanced by the sense of determination that the song has.

The Runner is a great insight into the kinds of themes and ideas that Everything Not Saved Will Be Lost Part 2 will be exploring and gives listeners more of the classic Foals riffs and vocals that they have come to know and love.