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FLOSSY EP LAUNCH @ Rosemount Hotel gets 6/10

Flossy EP Launch @ The Rosemount Hotel
w/ Calmly (fka Childsaint), Edie Green, Oosterbanger
Saturday, April 28, 2018


There is always something special about a CD launch where a room is full of family and friends and the generations of people attending the gigs is broader than the norm. Flossy managed to pull people from most demographics for the occasion, with most showing emphatic appreciation for their brand of alternative rock.


Those who made it down early were able to catch a brief set by Ellen Oosterbaan’s project Oosterbanger. Raw and punk inspired, Oosterbanger has gritty tones and a strong voice to ensure that all in attendance have their attention drawn to the stage.

Edie Green

Edie Green is the result of a bunch of friends kicking around at a bunch of gatherings and finding that they had a shared musical spirit. The band had a joyful approach to their jazz, soul and world music influenced tunes, whilst showing that they are all more than capable musicians with a deft touch for playing many styles. This strength can also be their weakness. The four members admit to having constantly changing musical tastes and although this may keep things fresh for the quartet, it does lead to a sound that is at times unfocused and dishevelled.


Calmly (fka Childsaint) have recently returned from what you imagine could only be a successful outing at SXSW. As a result of acquiring visas, they also changed their name so as not to be confused with the leather and spandex touting America rock band by the name Child Saint. It was obvious from the first bar that Calmly were a gig hardened and robust band with a crisp and clear sound that was a step beyond others on the bill. Calmly deal in subtle melodies, dreamy guitar tones and nuanced harmonies. This is music to sway and hug to, with the odd singalong in the form of Hallelujah Heartache. Tonight’s showing just reinforced that the band’s recently recorded debut album is going to be one hell of a record.


By the time Flossy hit the stage they had already shifted most of their homemade shirts from the march stand and CD’s and cassettes were being purchased at a steady rate. It was clear that the majority of the crowd had been won over before the first note. Sisters Lauren & Sinead O’Hara look too young to have been born when Nirvana were at their prime, but they tip their hat firmly towards this era.


Flossy’s set was a heady mix of grunge and meat and potatoes rock that is high on energy and attitude. At their best, Flossy sound like Veruca Salt and use strong vocals and hooks to their advantage. Drummer Steve D’Angelo plays with all the subtlety of driving a Monaro, yet what the band lack in finesse, they make up for in energy and attitude. Flossy play a genre of music that  has such a unique palette that even when playing originals, it can have the familiar sound of a cover band. It is guitarist Tom Wilson that offers the most dynamic shift and is the point of difference to be the band’s greatest asset.


Flossy wore their influence on their sleeve with a faithful rendition of Calypso by Spiderbait, before redeeming themselves with their best song and current single I Want You. The band were all smiles thanks to a crowd who was into them from start to finish and this set was bound to be just the beginning of a celebration that looked to be going well into the next day.


Photos by Sharon Burgess

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