FLOSSY Being Alone gets 8/10

Being Alone


Perth sister-band Flossy take a brave step in a new direction on their recent self care anthem Being Alone. Previously a grunge act through and through, Lauren and Sinead O’Hara (with new addition Charlie Smith) dive headfirst into this track. It encompasses an evident change in sound while maintaining the brooding, femme attitude that has made Flossy one of the WA’s most well-regarded up and coming acts.

Soothing harmonies throughout the verses explode into the incredibly well executed chorus hook – one that slithers underneath your brain and plays on repeat until you can’t think of anything else. There’s restraint, a conscious creation of subtle dynamics that fluctuate until we see release at the very Flossy-esque bridge. It swells, creating the perfect moment for a lyrical unravelling as the pair profess, “Ideas flew through me/ You swallowed me whole/ I used to have drive/ And more self control.” It’s a satisfying moment of frustration – one that undoubtedly leaves you wanting more.

Being Alone has charm, attitude and honesty. It’s a twist on your average break up song –  a push to reclaim your creativity after becoming lost to somebody else. It’s exciting and it sparks a new era for Flossy, one that sees them blend the old with the new; their beginnings with their horizons. Being Alone showcases the band’s ability t0 write a pop song – but one that growls and shows its teeth.