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FKA TWIGS Why She’s Fashion’s New Darling

FKA twigs

For one, many sites have stopped reporting on the singer/dancer/songwriter/producer as “Robert Pattinson’s girlfriend” and started using her actual name. (Well, her stage name.)

For another, the performer’s been “spotted” at recent fashion week’s around the world. Not that she hasn’t attended before, but now paparazzi and fashion press are taking notice.

Tahliah Debrett Barnett aka FKA twigs, creates beautiful, unique music she pairs in her videos with stunningly choreographed avant-garde performances. As an artist, you can tell FKA twigs is steering the ship; there’s a certain purity of vision, both visually and aurally, to her material.

When I see an image of FKA twigs I think of the first few years Bjork hit it big internationally. Not because of a similarity in their sounds, but because each possesses a unique musical signature. When a woman is determined to maintain her creative independence as an artist, that same freedom of expression often permeates her sense of style, and it’s a well known fact the fashion world can’t resist the allure of a free spirit.

Offstage, FKA twigs’ unexpected clothing combos have style aficionados divided, but even detractors admit she makes a memorable impression. Sometimes it seems like the pieces that make up an FKA twigs outfit don’t quite gel, but the outfit works because there’s a kind of personal truth to the look constructed; you don’t actually like what she’s wearing, but you like that she chose to wear it. This reaction is why the idea of FKA twigs as an A-list style inspiration is starting to blow up.

Occasionally her fashion choices hint at an uneasy union of control and chaos. Well fitted tops paired with unbalanced placement of the hair, or asymmetrical hems; perfectly coloured-in lips worn with freehand tribal-style markings. And in an era where more and more celebrities are bypassing accessories altogether, the performer’s penchant for hoop earrings, chunky rings, layers of neckpieces, and bangles galore boldly stand out.

Her signature style often includes braids, a nose ring and flared pants, but she also opts for strappy numbers, both in and out of her clips. While she doesn’t shy from showing skin, she also likes to cover up in baggy wear. Or do both at the same time.

The dichotomy between FKA twigs’ performance wear and red carpet choices is another element that makes her style so hard for fashion commentators to pin down. Even the barely-there numbers considered more overtly sexual (like in the Pendulum video) still aren’t simple or straightforward; you always feel as if she’s conveying a multitude of ideas and emotions.

Not one prone to smiling on the red carpet, her serious expression and somewhat jarring ensembles are currently offering a fascinating break from bland celebrity fare, which is why we’re bound to see a lot more of her in online and print press style columns: FKA twigs seems interesting, and the fashion world doesn’t like to be bored.



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