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Shy Glow



The first thing you think when you hear Fishing’s debut release Shy Glow is: ‘Why didn’t they release this in summer?’

Bouncy and energetically laidback, it’s the perfect soundtrack for an Australian summer, and that might be the biggest reason why it misses a lot of people’s Album Of The Year lists: its winter release.

The second thing you’ll think is how good this duo has become since their first release in 2010. The time spent remixing, supporting, performing and being generally awesome all-rounders in the music scene has clearly paid off. With a sly and charming sound, Fishing shake out the samples and mix them beautifully with synthesised sounds, creating almost instrumental-pop-dance music. The album is also fresh, which is a wonderful thing for a band to accomplish when most synth- and sample-based groups utilise the same beats and techniques over and over until the music becomes utterly dull.

Fishing aren’t trying to make a brand new sound, they’re just trying to make really good music, and they’re succeeding. From the cute and friendly opener, Recoup, to the energetic bounce of Swimmer and the invigorating and seductive, Choy Lin, there is every hint of a band with great things to come.



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