FIRE SKY RIVER EARTH Little Wars gets 9/10

Fire Sky River Earth
Little Wars


As the driving force behind College Fall, The Nordeens and Showbag, Glenn Musto built a catalogue of songs that showed how fine the line between love and hurt can be. Since that time, Musto has moved to a large property one hour outside of Melbourne, built a family, a recording studio, and turned his property into an animal sanctuary (with two baby lambs arriving this week and finding a comfortable place near the heater of the rustic home).

Fire Sky River Earth is his first incursion into making music since the move.

Up until this point, Musto’s songs have focussed on a betrayal of the heart, whereas Little Wars is a song about the betrayal of the head. Fire Sky River Earth is said to be born out of a decision to stop running from emotional and mental turmoils and instead, seek them out, face them, and embrace their truths.

Little Wars is striking in its beauty, without shying away from the melancholy within. Lyrically, Musto has always been strong, but Little Wars could be his most complete piece of music. It is expertly crafted and layered to offer hope while acknowledging the bleak. That its release has been timed to coincide with a world in a state of isolation is just a bonus.