FILM: Dom Hemingway

Dom-Hemingway-Photo-Nick-WallThe dark English comedy, Dom Hemingway sees Jude Law getting down and dirty as a foul-mouthed ex-con. The pretty-boy ingénue that Jude Law is best known for is all done and dusted in this film, as he dons mutton chops, gold teeth and a Cockney accent, playing a fresh out of prison safecracker who is trying to do right by his estranged daughter (Emilia Clarke from Game of Thrones) while at the same time extracting what he’s owed from the boss he protected while in prison. The film also stars Richard E Grant and Demian Bichir and to win a double pass to an advance screening on Sunday, March 16 at 6pm at bamBOO, featuring pre-film music by DJs from RTRFM, subscribe to X-Press Shout-Out, and email: