FEVER RAY To The Moon And Back gets 9.5/10

Fever Ray
To The Moon And Back


Fever Ray makes weird sound sexy on her comeback single To the Moon and Back.

Everything about Plunge, Karin Dreijer’s first Fever Ray album since 2009, has been unexpected. From the way it seemed to drop out of nowhere in the last week of October; to the upbeat and jagged edges of its experimental, electronic songs; to the final verse of this single, in which she sings:

“I play something catchy/ You lean forward and kiss me/ First I take you, then you take me/ Bring some life into a fantasy/ Your lips, warm and fuzzy/ I want to run my fingers up your pussy”.

Yep. That it’s followed by an instrumental drop¬†almost impossible not to dance to seems kinda greedy.

To the Moon and Back is nothing short of one of the best singles of 2017, going way beyond the didn’t-see-that-coming shock value of that first listen and its immediately iconic gay status, thanks to a supremely catchy dance beat that’s among the most joyful she’s ever released. It’s brave, sexy, open and addictive. And as for the weird, check out the video below.