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FELICITY GROOM Dance For None gets 7.5/10

Felicity Groom

Dance For None


Felicity Groom has enlisted Tame Impala’s Kevin Parker to co-produce her latest single. Together they deliver an upbeat, disco-vibe of a song, Dance For None, to be featured on Groom’s forthcoming album Magnetic Resonance Centre, due 2020. We have already heard the album teaser Backwards Forwards earlier in the year, and from the sounds of both tracks, the album is looking to be a tribute to Groom’s two daughters.

Sending an important message of women’s empowerment (“Us ladies have turned things ’round”) in telling her daughters to dance for nobody, it is a noticeable departure from what she has done in the past, but Groom has stayed true to her unique sound. While comprehending the lyrics proves difficult due to the lush production on her voice, the message of “power”, accompanied with the sharp and groovy music is definitely there, and perfect for women of all ages who want to feel some motivation and get a little more pep in their step.

You can check out the sparkling music video for the song below and see her perform it live at the single’s launch at West Perth’s Royal Park Hall this Saturday, November 23, where Groom will be joined by Gazey, Erasers and Girlname doing a DJ set.


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