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Le Charme des Premiers Jours


Before we start, for those of you who can’t take a hint, the album’s in French. Nearly all of it. If you can’t deal with that then you probably shouldn’t be reading album reviews about French/Nigerian hip hop artists named Féfé. Moving on…

The nostalgia-themed album kicks off with Féfé’s thick Frankish inflections spat out over distorted guitar riffs in Lalala Song, propelled by a funky drum beat and simple, unassuming synth quavers. From there the album moves to brighter melodic lines and catchier song writing with tunes like Parodie and Nous. The tracks transition nicely between heavier rap numbers and lighter songs with pop-inspired choruses, creating momentum within the album – though a lack of variety outside this juxtaposition leaves the listener’s interest waning towards the second half.

Tracks such as La Somme and Ailleurs feel like musical afterthoughts, lacking the conviction and coherence that characterises the album. Overall however, Le Charme des Premiers Jours is exceptionally well-written and a strong follow-up to 2009’s Jeune à la retraite.




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