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FEELS FT. STELLA DONNELLY They Need Us gets 9/10

Feels feat. Stella Donnelly
They Need Us


In spite of belonging to a genre of music I have never ever felt a personal affinity with before, They Need Us is a song I’ve just kept coming back to since its release in late June.

Feels seem to be incapable of misstepping, and this track and its emphatic feedback is a particular signpost indicating big, bright things to look forward to for listeners, local and beyond.

The song does an incredible job of representing the core values of the WOMPP (Women of Music Production Perth) collective, turned record label. It communicates a poignant sharing of patronising industry experiences tied with a definitive resolution of independence. This song is the first release for the new label.

Stella Donnelly, in true Stella grace, manages to adapt seamlessly to a style of performing within the space of the song not congruent with her usual act. She provides a vocal presence remarkably simple, which fills out all the gaps and grabs our attention without having to even try.

In this case it is obviously uplifted by the mixing of Feels, Elise Reitz-Swensen and Rosie Taylor, who tend to the production with sophistication, even though they ordinarily produce instrumental tracks.


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