A giant has awoken. While the Diver Giant remains asleep at the Perth train station, the Little Girl Giant has begun her journey in search of him, having awoken in Langley Park. 

She has thus far up walked past the Bell Tower and up Barrack Street into the city and come to rest in Wellington Square.

photo 1
Little Girl Giant reads to school kids in Wellington Square
Little Girl Giant goes to sleep after her awakening and walk through Perth City.

Here’s her journey for today…


Wellington Square–Hay Street–Langley Park


Wellington Square–Hill Street–Hay Street

Pick a Spot: Meet the Little Girl Giant at Wellington Square as she awakens after her rest.

Road Closures: Wittenoom Street (Hill Street to Bennett Street), Hill Street (Adelaide Terrace to Wittenoom Street), Wellington Street (Lord Street to Bennett Street), Hay Street(Bishops Row to Irwin Street), Victoria Avenue (St Georges Terrace to Victoria Square).


Murray Street–Barrack Street–Hay Street

Walk with the Giant: Join the Little Girl Giant as she strolls down Murray and Hay streets.

Road Closures: Murray Street (Victoria Square to Barrack Street), Barrack Street (Wellington Street to St Georges Terrace), Hay Street (Barrack Street to Hay Street), Pier Street (St Georges Terrace to Wellington Street), Irwin Street (St Georges Terrace to Murray Street), Victoria Avenue (St Georges Terrace to Hay Street), Hill Street (Adelaide Terrace to Goderich Street).


Hay Street–Hill Street–Langley Park

Walk with the Giant: Join the Little Girl Giant as she strolls down Hay Street to Langley Park.

Road Closures: Hay Street (Pier Street to Goderich Street), Victoria Avenue (St Georges Terrace to Victoria Square), Hill Street (Goderich Street to Terrace Road), St Georges Terrace (Victoria Avenue to Plain Street), Terrace Road (Victoria Avenue to Plain Street.


Langley Park

Pick a Spot: Wait for the Little Girl Giant to arrive at Langley Park in the early evening.

Road Closures: Terrace Road (Victoria Avenue to Plain Street).