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FATMAN SCOOP @ Villa gets 6.5/10

Fatman Scoop @ Villa Night Club
with DJ Bluey
April 29th, 2017


Fatman Scoop came to P-town. Yes, the man that asks for a woop, woop and an OH, OH graced our lovely western shores for a night that will go down in many fan’s books as one of the better nights of their lives.

Opening villa nightclub to a hundred or so saw DJ Bluey pumping some classic hip hop/ rnb tunes from the likes of Daddy Yankee’s Gasolina and 50 cent’s In The Club. With his blue braids and his rounded glasses he looked damn cooler than the commercial tunes has was playing but I guess overshadowing the big man wasn’t going to do anyone any favours. His start time came and went and by the half an hour mark the crowd of 300 or so was beginning to feel agitated. Where was our headline act? Why are we waiting to ‘bass drop’?

Fatman Scoop‘s eventual appearance saw him wearing a beanie, a Fireball whiskey T-shirt and shades from the 2000’s screaming “put your hands in the air and say yeaaaaah” about four times over. I guess with his experience in performance he noticed the separation between himself and his tight knit group of fans and said “I am comin down in the crowd and imma take a selfie with all of youuuu” and he did. He made his way down through to the mosh pit and started his show with lights all the way up surrounded by sweaty enthused punters.

Kicking off with his Missy Elliot hit, it was mostly his a cappella rapping that held the floor of the show. “Who came to party?” Response: “we came to party!” and “When I say jump, you say oh”. As we cycled through songs separated by the air horn I came to quickly realise that every great pop/ hip-hop track of the 2000’s has featured this legend, from Timbaland to Bones Thugs-n-Harmony, to Chingy, to Mariah Carey to Sean Paul. And of course there was his own Be Faithful (if you got a $20 dollar bill put your hands up). His rough and raw booming voice sounded exactly like every other time you’ve heard it but his live energy and excitement just added so much more. He got his shirt off and that belly moved in ways that can only be described as… jelly.

After his time in the pit he got back behind the decks and hyped over a few newer tracks before ending on his Sunrise track with Jillionaire. 14 years later, he’s still kicking, still keeping his fingers in a couple pies and still relevant.  It’s a shame there weren’t more people, as he sure knew how to put a show on.


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