FATE: THE WINX SAGA gets 6/10 Fairy forgettable

Created by Brian Young
Starring Abigail Cowen, Elisha Applebaum, Hannah van der Westhuysen, Eliot Salt, Freddie Thorp, Sadie Soverall
Network: Netflix


After long anticipation, Netflix has released a six episode live action adaptation of The Winx Club.

The series has notable differences from the source material, which may deter hardcore fans. But to balance it out, in untrue Netflix style, it is darker and complicated. You may remember Bloom as she is played by Abigail Cowen, proving Netflix’s incestuous need to reuse actors across originals. Because of this, Fate almost sits nicely between Sabrina and Riverdale.

Other notable factors are that Flora is replaced by her cousin, Terra; Musa is now an empath who uses music as escapism; and this adaptation has completely written out Tecna in favour of a water fairy known as Aisha. Stella shines as bright as she did in the original – but is now labelled the cruel, villainous princess trope, with underlying sociopathic issues due to an emotionally abusive mother.

The series has strong writing regarding overarching plots, as Bloom investigates her origins alongside a story involving a war crime. But as we follow interpersonal relationships, the writing becomes sloppy and at times, shallow. No character holds any onscreen chemistry, and every hormonal kissing scene looks like the actors are holding back disgust. Towards the end of the series, when some plots wrap up towards a cliffhanger, a scene depicts Bloom’s Winx transformation; and it’s absolutely cringe-worthy. Poor visual effects and lazy movement result in a heavy let down for a series that has been peppered with them.

Fate is the guilty pleasure. You’re watching it for nostalgia, or because of the cute boys, but neither will leave you satisfied. Similar to Cursed by Netflix, six episodes felt unnecessary at times: the parent storyline was unimportant, the Harry Potter references and lifestyle was boring, and the constant high school tropes just felt like Netflix has a story room filled with balding male writers with beer guts in their fifties, with no understanding of teenagers.

After watching all six episodes, one can walk away away pretty much remembering nothing and expecting the Winx saga to disband after a second season. Despite Fate currently sitting at number one on Netflix, it’s only worthy of one star per episode.