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Fans Slam Fremantle Arts Centre For Cutting Power To Lauryn Hill’s Show

Photo by Daniel Craig
Photo by Daniel Craig

Lauryn Hill fans have lashed out at Fremantle Arts Centre after the venue cut power during the artist’s set Saturday.

The hip hop artist, known for playing in 90s group The Fugees, started an hour late, forcing FAC to cut power after 90mins, as per a 10pm curfew imposed by the City of Fremantle.

FAC released a statement via Facebook last night which explained the reason behind the decision.

“Last night’s Ms. Lauryn Hill concert at Fremantle Arts Centre was ended just after 10pm in line with the venue’s noise curfew,” the statement reads.

“This was done by the Arts Centre in agreement with the promoters of last night’s concert.

“The artist chose to arrive on stage just after 8:30pm, an hour after the agreed start time.

“The event’s promoters made the artist aware of the curfew requirements and unfortunately Ms. Hill chose not to arrive on stage or finish at the agreed time.

“FAC has hosted many concerts over the past six years and this is the first time the artist has ignored the curfew.

“Despite this, we hope audiences enjoyed Ms. Hill’s hour and a half show.

“Fremantle Arts Centre regrets these circumstances but we are an outdoor venue in a residential area and as such we have a responsibility to our neighbours, with whom we have built a strong relationship over many years.”

Fans have taken to social media to slam the venue and the council for its “nanny state” mentality.

One Facebook user said, “Unbelievable. She’d already said it was her last song, as if you couldn’t bend the rules for another few minutes, she is a super talent and drew a huge crowd who all wanted to hear her sing, surely the audience outnumbered the neighbours!

“And so what if she was on stage late, two wrongs don’t make a right, and cutting her off mid song is just rude. You should be embarrassed Freo Arts Centre, there is more to life than following the regulations to the letter!”

Some people pointed out it was reprehensible to cut her set short on her birthday, while other users stated her birthday wasn’t actually until Monday.

Promoters responsible for the event, Horizons Touring, are yet to release a statement.

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