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The Western Trend Festival (WTF) happens on Saturday, March 14, at Canefire Gardens in the Swan Valley. Falloway are a part of it.

Cristian Galindo, drums

The Western Trend Festival is a new start-up event for Perth live original music. Given the recent discussion re venues how important do you think this event could be?

We believe this event could really change the course of the local music scene in Western Australia. It’s not only a great stimulant for the Perth scene, but also a festival model that we need to use more often. WTF shines a bright light on some amazing local talent, who would otherwise not get such an opportunity from some of the bigger festivals. This is a time when we really need to nurture young local talent and this event will do just that!

Have you as a band had much in the way of outdoor/festival experiences?

We have played a few outdoor shows, our most memorable being the 2014 Relay For Life fundraiser at Curtin. The great atmosphere and cause behind the event made it an amazing experience for us.

Describe the evolution of your band, how it was at the start and what it is and is becoming…

We have been playing music together since high school. Back then we would just jam to some covers, coming up with a few original ideas here and there. Through time however, our love for music grew, and Falloway became a bigger part of our lives than we ever imagined. Because of this passion we see a long, perseverant future together.

What’s your gameplan for the rest of the year?

Releasing our first professionally recorded material is definitely our biggest goal this year. We are very excited and nervous about the response we’ll receive when these songs are out there, but at the same time just hope that people will walk away wanting to know more about Falloway.


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