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Fall Out Boy

Save Rock And Roll (PAX-AM Edition)
Island Records

After a four-year hiatus, Fall Out Boy have returned, bringing with them their ironically-titled fifth LP, Save Rock And Roll which is about as close to rock’n’roll as AC/DC is to pop. The album feels like a 41-minute roller coaster, leaving one wondering how did the band that brought us the pop punk revolutionary Take This To Your Grave end up here?

Credit where it’s due now, the album itself does feature some catchy tunes, with The Phoenix, Alone Together, Just One Yesterday or Young Volcanoes being good additions to Fall Out Boy’s greatest hits compilation; however, it’s songs like The Mighty Fall and Rat A Tat that kill any momentum the album was gaining with their Big Sean and Courtney Love collaborations adding nothing useful to the record.

The latest edition of the LP comes with Fall Out Boy’s new EP, PAX-AM Days, which features eight tracks, seven of which fail to run longer than two minutes. Designed to be a contrast to Save Rock And Roll, the EP epitomises punk, but ultimately feels random and is only interesting when listening to in one sitting. 


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