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Explosive Pro Wrestling presents Re-Awakening 13, it’s biggest ever event at Bodyslam Central (Cyril Jackson Recreation Centre, Bassendean) this Saturday, November 29. BULK BOGAN reports.

Professional wrestling has been called a ‘soap opera for men’ – a peculiar blend of strength, agility and supreme timing mixed with some outrageous characters and a sprinkling of childish naivety that when combined in the melting pot that is Explosive Pro Wrestling, gives a recipe for one of the most uniquely interactive experiences in Perth.

This Saturday, EPW is set to unleash their brand of high-energy entertainment with their biggest event of the year – Re-Awakening 13, headlined by the essential Steel Cage Match.

Adam Parry, or ‘Mean’ Dean Olsen as he is known between the ropes, is the voice of Explosive Pro Wrestling and will do his best to control the chaos as host of the show.

“Trying to host a show like EPW is a bit like herding cats,” he says. “Pro-wrestling is all about the outrageous characters, the over-the-top entertainment and of-course, the power and athleticism. The major of appeal of Explosive Pro Wrestling is that anything can, and will, happen.”

 With an ever-growing fanbase and dedicated group of performers and crew, it’s not hard to see why the thrills and spills of Explosive Pro Wrestling can bring out the inner child in anyone.

The Cyril Jackson Recreation Centre in Bassendean, or Bodyslam Central, is playing host to Re-Awakening 13 and ‘Mean Dean’ is expecting their biggest turn-out of the year.

Re-Awakening is always the must-see EPW show of the year, and we have wrestlers from all over Australia, including South Australia, Victoria, New South Wales and several of the crew have wrestled professionally on tours in Japan. It really is a chance to see the very best in Australian wrestling under one roof – a roof that we expect to be blown off pretty shortly after 7pm!”

2015 is set to be an even bigger for Explosive Pro Wrestling as they enter their 14th year of brawls, bodyslams and biffo in Perth. An impending move to a larger venue located in the CBD has Olsen and the company excited for their upcoming season.

“A bigger place in the CBD will allow the wrestling to turn from a destination into an experience. We’re fully licensed and offer an amazing night out for the $20 entry, but moving to new venue will allow our hugely passionate fans to kick on to a pub or bar after the wrestling. I just hope they don’t try out any of the elbow drops and headlocks they just witnessed.”

The last man left standing after the Steel Cage Match will be crowned the Explosive Pro Wrestling Champion, an honour capped off by a glittering title belt that is as quintessentially pro-wrestling as the spandex around the waist that they both share.

That champion’s waist belongs to the ‘Behemoth’ Sebastian Sander, a mountain of a man who is often seen with the vivacious Amber on his arm. Sander will defend his title inside the 3.5m high steel cage against fan favourites Alex ‘AK-47’ Kingston and the aptly named ‘Smashing Machine’ Chris Vice.

Somewhat surprising is how many professional wrestlers there are in Australia. Some bad, some good but the very best compete in Explosive Pro Wrestling and only the great get to wear the EPW Title. And don’t think for a second The Behemoth won’t tell you how great he is.

From a tin shed in Wanneroo to Scarborough Beach to Challenge Stadium and most community events and recreation centres in between, these passionate men and women come from all walks of life and have dedicated themselves to a common goal through a very uncommon past-time over the past 10 years.

“We always say if you attend Explosive Pro Wrestling with an open mind and a sense of fun, it’s not hard to be transported back to a simpler time where the bad in this world could be overcome with a bodyslam and a bicep flex.”

We couldn’t resist; we had to ask that question…

“Yes, of-course it’s real,” Olsen says. “Real entertaining.”

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