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EVENT GUIDE TOP 5 Italian Film Fest, Nirvana Reimagined, more

The change of season from cool to warm tends to indicate a rise in activity through any city, and Perth is no different. This week we’ve got film, comedy and the usual musical offerings amongst our top 5, as well as a bunch more in our Event Guide. Email us at if there’s something you’d like to see in amongst the others.

1. Lavazza Italian Film Festival opening

Cinema Paradiso has had a makeover, and to mark its swanky new look the Lavazza Italian Film Festival opening is being held there tonight! The film of the evening is Loro, and Connections Nightclub is holding the afterparty from 9:45. The festival itself runs until October 17.

2. Jeff Dunham

Comedy superstar Jeff Dunham and his troupe of lively puppet companions have been granted the honour of taking to the RAC Arena stage this evening as part of his Passively Aggressive tour. At the time of writing tickets are still available.

Clare Bowen
3. Clare Bowen

From on the TV screen to on stage, is there anywhere Clare Bowen can’t rock it? The Nashville star will be paying a visit to the Astor Theatre this evening to deliver her sweet style of tunes.

4. Unplugged: Nirvana Reimagined

Nirvana super-fan/End of Fashion frontman Justin Burford and the Perth Symphony Orchestra are putting a modern spin on one of history’s most loved performances. His Majesty’s Theatre is hosting this encore performance tomorrow night which is not to be missed.

5. Ruel

Making waves due to his immense talent at a young age (he’s just 15), Ruel is playing at the beautiful Astor Theatre this Saturday evening. His first EP came out in June, and that’s far from the last we’ll be hearing of him.

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