EVENT GUIDE TOP 5 Bauhaus, Beyond Bling, Dark Comedy…

Peter, Bob and Mark – at first glance it sounds slightly like a bowls club leaderboard, but thankfully the reality is far more exciting. They’re just three names Perth is hosting this week who feature in this week’s Top 5. As always, our Event Guide is your go to source for all that’s happening in Perth – and not just for music. If you notice something important missing or would simply like to plug your own event, our email address is

1. Peter Murphy – 40 Years of Bauhaus

Along with co-founding member David J, Peter Murphy of post-punks Bauhaus is celebrating 40 years of gothic goodness at Capitol this Saturday night. This is one of those once-in-a-lifetime treats Perth rarely gets, so take advantage of this one.

2. Culture Juice: Beyond Bling

The Art Gallery of Western Australia is continuing their Culture Juice series with Beyond Bling; a stunning look at jewellery from the State Art Collection, with some pieces dating back hundreds of years. The exhibition runs until January 14, so you have plenty of time to suss it out.

3. Bob Evans

We all know him, we all love him – what more needs to be said? He’s playing at the Rosemount Hotel (a much-loved venue, go figure) tomorrow night, so if you’re keen on the love-fest head down at 8pm.

4. Mark Seymour & the Undertow

The Astor Theatre is hosting the multi-talented Mark Seymour of Hunters & Collectors fame with his group The Undertow this Saturday night. The repertoire is sure to be full of favourites new and old, so it’s perfect for fans in all stages of listening history.

5. A World of Dark Comedy Film Festival

The annual celebration of  “crazy, bizarre and extraordinary tales” is back for 2018 and is taking place on Friday night at the Backlot in East Perth. Eight short films will be shown, with topics covered ranging from scamming to death.