Eurovision is Over: Who Were the Favorites?

People try their luck in different ways. Some check the most trusted PlayAmo online casino, and others place bets on the winners of popular events. Now Eurovision is coming, and people who consider themselves predictors have selected their winners. Here are 5 singers who may possibly win according to bookmakers.  

Destiny – Je Me Casse (Malta)

The 18-year-old Maltese singer Destiny Chukunyere, who had previously featured in the 11th season of the British TV show Britain’s Got Talent and won the Junior Eurovision Song Contest in 2015, unexpectedly turned out to be the favorite according to bookmakers. They estimated the chances of the young artist to win at 16%. Users paid attention to the similarity of the song with the performance of Netta Barzilai, who represented Israel.

There are minor similarities in the compositions. Both are about female empowerment and use roughly the same rhetoric. Barzilai’s song earned a lot of sympathy, in part because of the strangely mesmerizing, semi-birdy tune. But in the chorus of Je Me Casse, there is a no-holds-barred and extremely catchy tune that just begs to be rotated on the radio in any country.

Måneskin – Zitti E Buoni (Italy)

This time the Italian rock band Måneskin with their striking composition Zitti E Buoni turned out to be the indisputable favorite of the Internet audience. Although the video published on the Eurovision YouTube channel gathered a little more than 600 thousand views for a week, the video, released on the channel of the band, was viewed tens of millions of times.

The group achieved popularity even though the song is performed in Italian. The lyrics of the song Zitti E Buoni is a non-conformist manifesto where the lyrical hero glorifies and celebrates his uniqueness and difference from others. 

Hurricane – Loco Loco (Serbia)

Another popular non-English song belongs to the Serbs. This is track Loco Loco from Belgrade girl band Hurricane. In the song, which takes place at a party, the girls talk to the man, who is going crazy for them, both teasing and pitying him. 

Loco Loco was one of the most popular clips posted on the Eurovision YouTube channel this year. The reason for the popularity of this rather frivolous song remains a mystery. Maybe viewers were attracted by the abundant flicker of light. The creators of the video did not skimp for it.

Barbara Pravi – Voilà (France)

Not all non-English songs at Eurovision 2021 turned out as cheerful and upbeat as Loco Loco and Zitti E Buoni. For example, Voilà from the French Barbara Pravi, which is about an artist. They even compared the singer to Edith Piaf. Despite the small number of viewings, Barbara Pravea turned out to be one of the favorites of the contest according to bookmakers. They put her in third place, giving her a 10% chance of winning.

Gjon’s Tears – Tout l’Univers (Switzerland)

Voilà was not only not the only song in French, but also not the most successful song in French for Eurovision 2021. The Swiss singer Gjon’s Tears performs the track Tout l’Univers, which experts put on the second place on chances to win. 

Though the music video has much less number of views than Pravi’s one, the Swiss singer definitely feels more confident at this year’s competition. As in the case of the Maltese Destiny, this one is similar to the performance of another Eurovision winner, Dutchman Duncan Lawrence.