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He Never Knew The Words But He Always Sang Along - Will Ferrier
He Never Knew The Words But He Always Sang Along – Will Ferrier

Art has always been a passion of mine,” says Elana Rosa, creator of Espace D’Art, an online gallery showcasing the work of an eclectic group of talented artists.

A known supporter of the arts, the evolution of an online “space” seems the logical step for Rosa. “The collection of works I’ve acquired over the years could be viewed as slightly obsessive,” she admits, “and being surrounded by such incredible talents, Espace D’Art was very much an organic concept.
“It was actually David Ferrier, an artist I now represent, who was a huge advocate in this process – having been taught by our dear friend and talented artist Matt Doust, I had so much faith and reason to pursue this further.

“Deriving from social media, opening an online forum is the beginning of the Espace D’Art’ journey,” she says, pointing out her immediate goal is to provide exposure for local artists through a simple interface. “A lot of customers have come to me because they’re overwhelmed with where to begin with finding the right piece for their home. I’m here to lead them in the right direction, and offer assistance and options.”

These days art has become much more accessible thanks to the information superhighway, but you still have to pinpoint ways to find it in the maelstrom of online expression. A portal like Espace D’Art can be the key to starting your own collection, especially since the site be accessed anywhere in the world—and not just from the comfort of your own home. Nowadays art can even be perused via mobile while on the move.

Rosa says, “The Internet makes everything far more accessible and instant, which is always a positive in terms of marketing and management. I believe it’s a great way to give artists a voice and promotion though an extensive market, whilst giving clients a convenient and up-to-date platform.”

She points out each of the artists she represents give a different sense of self and personality, and offer something unique through their work. “Whether through paint, illustration, photography or sculpting, I feel a different connection with each of their works, and as a collective they create Espace D’Art.”

Artists currently exhibiting in Espace D’Art are David Ferrier, Greg Lewis, Jordy Hewitt, Marius Nilsen, Sam De Souza, and Will Ferrier (also known as the musician Will Stoker). What’s most striking is while each artist has an established style and voice, as a collective offering you also garner insight into Rosa’s vision. The works she selects are emotive, each piece inferring complex motivations. In short, they feel personal.

Rosa views the purchasing of art as a partially intuitive act. “Art creates a different experience, relationship and a connection. People shouldn’t be pressured into buying something; it’s a personal choice that represents you as a person. I aim to showcase a variety of artists and let people feel connected to a certain piece, something that stands out to them.”

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