ESKIMO JOE Bringing back Black Fingernails

Eskimo Joe 
have announced that they will be playing a very special, intimate gig at new venue Freo.Social, playing their biggest album, Black Fingernails, Red Wine in full on Friday, May 10. Special guest Katy Steele will be joining the band for the show.

Black Fingernails, Red Wine was the band’s third studio album, and it was a defining collection of songs which catapulted Fremantle indie rock darlings to large scale success. A red vinyl, 2CD deluxe edition and 40-track digital versions will be released on May 10 and are available for pre-order with or without a ticket to the show. The band will also be doing an exclusive signing at the show.

Kav Temperley from the band has said, “Over the years other albums that we’ve all been incredibly proud of have come and gone, but Black Fingernails, Red Wine stands out as that moment in time where the stars aligned and everyone became like one unit, all pulling in the same direction. Recreating that moment, playing the album from start to finish is going to be a very special experience for us.”

Eskimo Joe play Black Fingernails, Red Wine in full on Friday, May 10 at Freo.Social. Tickets go on sale today via moshtix.