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Western Australian guitar virtuoso, Errol H Tout, is celebrating the release of his latest full-length album, Dancing About Architecture with a special launch party at Ellington Jazz Club on Tuesday, September 7.

Dancing About Architecture follows up 2013’s The Post-Tumour Humour album and 2017’s Luminous. These three albums have been written, recorded and released during Tout’s 10-year battle with cancer and are testament to the drive, creativity and good humour of the man amidst that challenge.

For the one-time career architect, many things lie within the name of the new LP. Variously attributed to the likes of Frank Zappa, Elvis Costello and comedian Martin Mull, Tout dug further for this, the perfect album title.

“That’s the first quote that I’ve been able to track down from 1931 in the New York Times,” Tout said. “It was a journalist who actually said it in the context of writing and music being two different artforms and you shouldn’t try doing both at the same time. So writing about music was as stupid as dancing about architecture.”

“The first half will be solo stuff, some new and some old,” Tout revealed. “The second half will mostly be the album. So you’ll hear two guitars – two nicely played guitars – bass and drums and some keyboards from Sam. And it’s at The Ellington, so it should really be a terrific evening of music.”

Errol H Tout launches Dancing About Architecture at Ellington Jazz Club on Tuesday, September 7. For more info and to buy tickets head to