Emma Russack


You Changed Me



Although she has relocated to Melbourne, Emma Russack returned to the familiar surroundings of Yowrie to record her second album, You Changed Me. The smoky-voiced singer is said to bring a new found interest in Henrik Ibsen after a two-month sojourn in Scandinavia to her down tempo tunes that weigh heavy on the heart.

Russack uses minimal instrumentation from the get-go as she gives this set of tunes plenty of room to breathe. Get Back has a healthy smattering of pedal steel from Ed Bates to add some country twang to the confident vocals of Russack.

Melbourne indie luminary Cameron Potts puts his punk rock roots behind him as he sits at his customary drum kit and plays in a much more subdued fashion than history would suggest. It is this type of restraint that is the biggest asset of Russack, who never tries to overdo it or rely on studio smoke and mirrors to embellish her tales of the ordinary and mundane.

Emma Russack isn’t the kind of artist that will fill stadiums anytime soon and you would think that is the way she would like it. You Changed Me is a classy collection that is well suited to dimly lit wine dens or more intimate nights with company.