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Eminem Says Sorry To His Mum In Mother’s Day Release, Headlights


A lot of Eminem’s meteoric rise to success was punctuated with his hate for his Mum, Debbie Mathers. We all remember Cleanin’ Out My Closet, right? Where Eminem raps, “You selfish bitch; I hope you fucking burn in hell for this shit / Remember when Ronnie died and you said you wished it was me? / Well guess what, I am dead – dead to you as can be!”  Well, the video clip for Headlights, from his newest album, Marshall Mathers LP 2, was released on Mother’s Day and apologises for all that dickish behaviour. Directed by Spike Lee, the clip is shot from the first person perspective of Debbie, as she watches her son spit hate towards her.

Headlights, which features fun.’s Nate Ruessis old school Eminem. Vulnerable Eminem. Emotional Eminem. We love this Eminem.  Now, everybody go and hug their mums please.



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