Eloise Ashton

Eloise Ashton
Eloise Ashton

Big Splash Heat #1 Winner

How did you feel about your set last week at Mojo’s?

I was really happy with our set in the end because I had been pretty worried up until we played. Just very conscious. Once we were on stage, though, I found I personally just forgot and focussed on that. I think the audience attending were aware of why we were there so they were so incredibly attentive, which also made it such a nice set to play.

Which other acts caught you ear and/or eye

Each act had my attention because I’d heard so much about them all but not seen them live. Silver Hills had a really warm sound, the combination of major sounding harmony and a kind of melancholy feeling really pulled me in. They managed to have a lot going on individually, whilst creating a unified sound. They had a strong stage presence, which I also found interesting about Lilt. They set up in a line along the front of stage – perhaps because of the backline already being there – but I found that really perfect for allowing you to see each player’s input and take in their set as a whole thing. That helped with keeping a live, playing element to electronic composition so I was really visually impressed by that. Beautiful soundscapes were created as well.

Who else in The Big Splash heats are you keen to get a look at?

I’m really looking forward to seeing Shameem, particularly at The Ellington. I think that will be a great heat, and the perfect venue to see those acts. I always love watching Hideous Sun Demon, and am a huge fan of their release, meat, so I’m really looking forward to watching them play at The Odd Fellow.

What are your plans, at this stage, for the rest of 2014?

I’m just about to press my EP with artwork not far away from being finished. So a release show for that later in the year is at the front of my mind. I’m also in the planning stages of a video for the single I released in May. I’m writing a bit at the moment and working on my live set, trying to incorporate new ideas and instrumentation. There are a few collaborations I’m hoping to make happen as well before the year is out.

The Big Splash heat #2 happened last night at The Bird. The band comp continues with heat #3 at The Odd Fellow next Tuesday, June 17, with Stuart Orchard, Husband, INDIGO and Future Entity. Entry is $5 from 8pm.