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Elliott Wheeler


The Long Time




The plangent notes plucked from an acoustic guitar in opening track The Whistler, introduces the Sydney-based composer, Elliott Wheeler’s new album, The Long Time as a collection of coolly ethereal and sensuous songs.

Tracks such as Crystal Love exemplify Wheeler’s masterful ability to blend rich synth tones with operatic, yet unobtrusive string harmonies, while more radio-friendly numbers, such as Tend To Me (featuring songstress, Caitlin Park), maintain a digestible simplicity that accentuates through contrast some of the more complex arrangements in the album.

Of course, it’s not perfect. Some of the synth choices stumble awkwardly over the ambience and leave the listener puzzled, and Wheeler seems hesitant to let the songs hit natural crescendos that would make them pop. However, the album is an ever-changing, thoroughly engaging experience that disregards the easy choices and delves into the deeper fabric of composition.



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