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ELK BELL Interpreted

Elk Bell released her debut album Superfragilistic in September 2011. It was the feature album on RTRFM and landed in the CMJ Top 200 charts in the US. Now Bell returns with her new album Republica d’fantasia launched Friday September 29 at the Fly By Night in Fremantle.

The new album will be launched alongside Hugh Jennings, who will also be launching his own new solo album. The two will be supported by The Belle Ends. 

Elk Bell has been strongly influenced over many years by local artists Kate Andrews, Benedict Moleta, Loo’weeze de’Ath, Felicity Groom, Rabbit Island and Lucy Peach among others.

Elk Bell’s set on the night of the launch will be hearing impaired friendly with an interpreter from the WA Deaf Society interpreting the set.

Republica d’fantASIA is launched on Friday September 29 at Fly By Night. 

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