Electro Harmonix Micro Synth

Electro Harmonix Micro SynthIt’s been around for a little while, but I thought it would worth shining a light on this delightful pedal, capable of re-creating for guitar the classic warmth of an array of old analog moog synthesizers. The layout comprises of ten sliders, divided into voice control, which has controls for sub octave or higher octave, square wave and the actual guitar tone itself. There is an attack delay and a filter sweep, all of which can be blended, allowing for a great variety of tones. What I love is the versatility; it can provide you with bright, clangy ‘80s style stabs, gentler pulsing whines or, thanks to the attack delay, ghostly backwards sounding tones, as well as all manner of custom combinations in between. But each voice control can also emulate more conventional effects – isolating the sub octave gives you a great bass guitar sound (I wouldn’t recommend doing the same with the higher octave – it tends to produce a rather shrill, squawking sound), the square wave can produce a subtle wah-wah sound, and arranging the filter sweep from high to low frequencies can give you a lovely gentle flanger effect. My only qualm was a distinct lack of sustain, regardless of the setting. But, whether you’re a fan of proggy 1970s noodling (and given that you’re reading Volume, it’s a reasonable chance) or just want to expand the sonic palette at your disposal the MS has you covered. RRP: $549.