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EELS The Deconstruction gets 8/10

The Deconstruction
E Works/PIAS/Inertia


Ahead of the slated April 6 release of their/his 12th album, Eels recently released new single and title track The Deconstruction. The first from the orchestral pop artist since 2014’s The Cautionary Tales of Mark Oliver Everett, if past albums are anything to go by, it’s likely to permeate your ears with that emotive decadence and finesse Eels has mastered oh so well.

The Deconstruction starts off with a simple acoustic guitar and soft, yet dramatic, strings that slowly build into a more complex instrumental baseline. Mark Oliver Everett’s soothing vocals then jump in with, “The deconstruction has begun, time for me to fall apart,” as a subtle bass line and some crispy drumming kick in. Things jump up as Everett slides into the chorus before mellowing out again into the next verse.

It’s a subtle, easy listening song with a sweet rhythmic beat that you can just sit back, chill out, and enjoy listening to. Everett could probably morph the most morbid of Marilyn Manson or even Cannibal Corpse lyrics into something still oozing with such mellow elegance, you could play to anyone without offense.

The Deconstruction is no different. It’s the perfect song for the dreamer, pondering life’s meaning while gazing out the window on a stormy day, or the nihilist, watching the world burn around you in some apocalyptic manner.


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