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Edu Imbernon


From Valencia With Love

He’s a softly spoken musician; polite not to mention passionate – and Spanish. But be sure not to mistake Edu Imbernon for a man who is anything but a consummate musical professional. RK speaks to the Spaniard about his take on a melodic style of techno indie fusion ahead of show at Geisha this Friday, March 28. 

“Everything has been going really well,” says the man from his current pit stop in the UK.

“I’ve been touring quite a lot in the last year. And now I’m preparing for my upcoming tours of Australia and the United States, plus a very exciting summer that is coming up in Europe. Currently though, I’m in London and due to be playing at the Egg Club.”

Having released on labels like Bedrock and Get Physical, his path is a testament to his hard work and perseverance. Starting formally in music at the age of 16, Imbernon has evolved into playing a very distinct blend of electronica, techno and indie, but with melodic influences that make punters feel special.

“Of course, I’m always keeping an eye on the dance floor and interacting with the crowd, but it’s the music that drives me,” he explains.

An extension of that though, is the broader environment – an important and symbolic part of his influence.

“It can be my family, the weather or my friends influencing me,” he says. “For a Spanish person, weather is a key factor. Being on the road also influences me, as does playing globally and meeting loads of inspiring people and cultures.”

During the off-season though, the northern winter has been productive for the Imbernon in his hometown of Valencia.

“I’ve been working a lot in the studio,” he says. “Right now, I have my remix of Hot Natured Emerald City about to drop on FFRR (Records – Pete Tong’s label). Following that I have three solo EPs on Culprit, Suara and Eklektisch Records coming up too.

“On my label, I have a special record that I worked on during the winter that will be coming out on Eklektisch called Dalt, which will include a John Tejada remix as well as a video – look out for that too.”

And finally a few words on life between tours. “I love spending time with friends and my girlfriend. I also love to cook – you should try my paella sometime!”

Sounds like an offer too good to be true. And while this three date tour, which kicks off in Perth, is not technically his first tour of Australia, it is his first as a headlining artist, before he heads off to shows in Europe, South America and the US.

“I have to say I’m super excited! It’s good to be coming back to Australia. Expect to hear some very special sets,” chimes Imbernon. “I can’t wait to party with you all.”

Edu Imbernon plays Geisha this Friday, March 28. 

Get your tickets here. 

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