Edith Cowan University, Mt Lawley
Edith Cowan University, Mt Lawley

Can you imagine coaching a football team, designing racing cars, exploring pristine wetlands or exonerating those wrongfully convicted of a crime as part of your degree? 

All of these paths are possible through the range of courses available at Edith Cowan University.

When it comes to sport, ECU’s innovative Bachelor of Science (Sports Science and Football) course gives students the inside track, as they use electronic monitoring, including GPS, heart rate monitors and video tracking to analyse the performance of AFL and soccer players in training and competition.

The new Bachelor of Sustainability course brings students right to the forefront of how the world is responding to climate change, while showing how we can make our lives, livelihoods, communities, environments and spaces sustainable.

If fast cars are more your style, the Bachelor of Technology (Motorsports) teaches students about the construction of race cars and how design influences performance. In their final year the student team builds a race car from scratch to race against other university teams.

Students in ECU’s Computer and Security courses learn about physical and computer security, as well as extracting information and digital evidence from computers and storage devices for law enforcement purposes.

Bachelor of Creative Industries (Game Design and Culture) students gain the skills to succeed in the rapidly growing computer games industry. Despite the name, this course isn’t just about console and PC games; the course also explores the possibilities for game design for workplace training, public health and the military.

In ECU’s range of Law and Criminology courses, students have the option to study by working on real cases as part of ECU’s Innocence Project. They examine the cases of those who have been wrongfully convicted of a crime and work to exonerate them.

Placement opportunities, fieldwork, practicums and networking events are also available for the majority of ECU’s students. The University offers more than 300 courses through the faculties of Business and Law; Health, Engineering and Science; Education and Arts and Regional Professional Studies.

ATAR students can find out more information and check their  eligibility for ECU courses by visiting For non-ATAR students, ECU offers a range of entry pathways including direct application and portfolio submission.