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Edie Green launch their new EP, New Heavy, at Mojos this Saturday, May 2, with help from Kashikoi, Moana, Kitchen People, Jacob Diamond, Galloping Foxleys and Filthy Apes. We check in with lead singer Sophie Wiegele

Who are Edie Green? Give us a quick history lesson.

Pretty much we are four people from completely different musical backgrounds who really love a good jam and are keen to jam out anything really. We formed about two years ago and since then have had a couple of single releases, got second in the National Campus Band Competition and also became finalists for RAW Musicians Award, which was cool. But this is the first time that this band has had something down in a physical copy, so its bloody brilliant!

What’s your sound? Who are your key influences?

We like a lot of different styles of music, but our sound revolves mostly around an indie/rock base. Right now we’re digging Betty Davis and Erykah Badu, but also are keen on The Strokes, Menomena, Radiohead, The Pixies, Kings of Leon and Justin Timberlake.

Tell us about New Heavy.

So New Heavy is our debut EP release, with five tracks ranging from blues/rock to folk. We’ve already released two tracks off the record: Thieves and Shaky Fingers, and three more tasty tracks are coming your way: New Heavy, Guidelines To English and Siete. We worked on the record with Jim Power at Fat Shan Studios, Laurie MacCallum at Sumo Sound and Dave Parkin at Blackbird Studio. Was a bunch of fun to make and we think it sounds pretty alright!

How did you pick the support line up (which is pretty impressive, by the way)?

The Perth music scene at the moment has definitely been eating its vegetables, cause it is super healthy. We are really digging a lot of what Perth has to offer at the moment so we just asked some friends whose music we liked if they’d come and play our EP launch. Should be a really good night. There’s a lot of different styles in the line-up, so we think it’s a good taste of where Perth music’s at right now.

What’s up next for you guys?

We’re going down south to launch the EP at Clancy’s on Sunday, May 10, and then heading straight back into the studio to get to work on our second EP. And I guess just see if people are picking up what we’re putting down with this one.

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