EDIE GREEN The Sea It Binds You gets 8/10

Edie Green
The Sea It Binds You
Firestarter Distribution


Eclectic local rockers Edie Green drop their sophomore EP The Sea It Binds You and it is emotional art at its fullest, both raging and delicate.

Edie Green have seared through the essence of what truly makes a brilliant EP with The Sea It Binds You. Consisting of six sonic jams the EP evokes themes of uncertainty and a dreamlike state of wandering. The opening track Drowning summons up visions that are reminiscent of an old movie scene of a deserted town, tumbleweed bouncing along in distance and complete isolation. It’s an alluring first track that captured me with its fluidity and tension building swoons mounting higher and higher to then break and throw me into contrasting terrain with track two, Moonshine. The rise and fall of killer guitar riffs and bold vocals from lead singer Sophie Wiegele on this track certainly makes it one that I can’t keep myself from coming back to.

With the momentum of a quick beat to boogie to track three, Mumma’s Words is a beautiful energetic tune with a strong meaning. The song’s lyrics are heartfelt and ring true to the appreciation of all the mothers out there, and how tightly their words hold us. There’s a guitar solo that intertwines with the purring tones of Wiegele’s voice calling in the background, it’s an incredibly soulful song with edge.

Sliding is the track on the record that unveils all the elements that make Edie Green’s EP such an accomplished work. Wiegele’s cutting, controlled and distinctive vocals merge beautifully with wild guitar skidding through the track and a momentous beat. The song unwinds to an escape into Edie Greens sonic side and bounces along with a sense of urgency.

Album title and final track from the EP, The Sea It Binds You is the jewel of the collection. Inspired by a story of a near drowning experience, the song explores the use of sounds that are distinctively divergent to the other tracks. It’s slow and honest vibe takes the listener away from the funky fast paced beats that echo throughout the EP. The Sea It Binds You is a delicate finish to an EP brimming with sonic jams. The six-track genre curving release is the complete package and yet another exciting peak into what the Perth scene has to offer.