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DZ DEATHRAYS Total Meltdown gets 7.5/10

DZ Deathrays
Total Meltdown
I OH YOU/Alcopop! Records


Thrash rock duo, DZ Deathrays, have just dropped third release Total Meltdown from their upcoming third LP, Bloody Lovely, due to for release February 2. The duo has gradually been drip-feeding new singles, and thrasher delights, Bad Influence and Shred For Summer, ahead of releasing the official title of the new album.

Like two madmen, guitarist Shane Parsons and skin slammer Simon Ridley continue to shred their instruments and vocals for another small taste of what to expect in Bloody Lovely. Total Meltdown is littered with their signature thrash-party attitude, it’s a chaotic tune loaded with Parsons’ raw vocals and beefy guitar riffs, and Ridley’s savage drumming. They have deviated a little from the heavy electronic sound of previous material in Total Meltdown but this seems to really give their guitar and drum work time to shine.

If the chorus vocals seem disjunct to those of the verse, that’s because they are. The lyrics of the verse and chorus have nothing to do with each other, but that’s part of the character of the track that makes it so good to listen to. It’s a catchy song, even if you don’t quite know what’s happening.

Total Meltdown is a no-frills thrash track which is what we’ve come to love from these guys, so if you dug Bloodstreams (2012) or Black Rat (2014), then you’re going to enjoy this song. It isn’t just another mainstream banger, it’s an absolute shredder. Listen to it loud for maximum meltdown!


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