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DZ DEATHRAYS Bloody Lovely gets 8/10

DZ Deathrays
Bloody Lovely
I Oh You/Alcopop


Thrash rockers DZ Deathrays have brought forth another thrasher’s delight with third LP Bloody Lovely, and without sounding too corny, it’s just that. Despite the duo living in different states (Shane Parsons (guitar/vocals) in Sydney and Simon Ridley (drums/programming) in Brisbane) and seemingly endless touring during the recording, the two still managed to pull it all together for another ripper album.

Forget the constraints of a two-piece, these guys have managed to weaponize their instruments to pack a hell of a punch when they need to and they know only one volume setting: loud. Parson’s rough, attitude soaked vocals slash through the foundation of his guitar shredding and Ridley’s rapid fire drum work to provide sweet thrash fodder.

Bloody Lovely opens with early releases Shred For Summer and Total Meltdown which quickly set the tone for the rest of the album. If you’re not sweaty, puffed out or slightly disoriented by then end of Total Meltdown, then you sure will be by the end of Feeling Good Feeling Great. What follows on is track upon track of brutal onslaught of rambunctious, often anarchic, breakneck beats that will have you thrashing nonstop and pushing neck muscles to absolute limits.

From the riff ravaging Shred For Summer, Back Forth and Afterglow, or bass blasting from Feeling Good Feeling Great and Like People, even the sing/shout along enticing Total Meltdown and Guillotine, the whole album will have you pushing your limits as you thrash along and rock out at every opportunity.

Closer Witchcraft Pt. II sees a little of everything thrown in there to entice you in for the final beating to drain that last ounce of energy you have left. Finishing up on a mellowing Ratatat-esque note gradually brings you back to the normal’ish pace of life.

It’s all the good shit of 2012’s Bloodstreams and 2014’s Black Rat combined, with some added goodness that seems to have come from the band’s maturing. Its jam packed with serial killer riffs and catchy choruses that’ll beat their way into your ears with every listen. The rougher edges are a little more polished, but those edges are still sharp as hell and it still holds that gritty thrash punk sound from early days.

The sweaty festival and small club most pits are where Bloody Lovely is really going to take you over totally kick your ass. After his cameo in the Like People video (watch below), one can only hope of a guest appearance from former Red Wiggle, Murray Cook. DZ doing The Wiggles covers, there’s an odd thought, how awesome would that sound though.

Just in case it happens, be sure to hit up DZs Perth show of their national The Bloody Lovely Tours at Capitol. Until then, play this loud for full effect, but clear some space first as shit’s gonna get wild and stuff’s probably gonna get broke.


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