DULCIE The smile before the fall

If you’re a local music fan you would have found it hard to miss Dulcie in 2018. The four-piece have become the talk of the town for their adventurous melodies, captivating harmonies and vibrant personalities that are sure to take them further this year. Upon the release of their new single Fall (listen to it here now), BRAYDEN EDWARDS caught up with drummer Madi Hanley to find out how the girls from both Perth and Western Australia’s South Coast came together to form this exciting musical project and what we can look forward to at their launch show this Thursday, January 10 at Mojos Bar.

Congratulations on releasing your first single Fall. What was it about this tune that made you want to get it out into the world ahead of the others?

When we first started working on Fall, the process felt completely different to anything we’d done until that point. Ash (Ashleigh Carr-White, vocals & keys) had just got her Nord keyboard and came to rehearsal with a new song idea and from there the whole song came together within only a few days. It was like an unstoppable train of ideas and a beautiful collaborative process – it just felt right for Fall to be first.

How did the band come to be? Had you known each other or played together before and if so what was it that made you want to form as Dulcie?

Ash and I went to school together but she was a couple of years ahead of me so we didn’t actually know each other so well at first. It really kicked off when we all started at WAAPA in 2018. Ash, Sas and Meeks were in the Music Artist course playing together a lot and decided to put together a band. Sas and Meeks also grew up playing music together in the beautiful country town of Denmark. I was in the Bachelor of Music course and Ash hit me up to come have a jam with the girls one day and it all just slotted in and went from there.

And what artists do you feel influenced your music the most and why?

We think our sound has become the blend of inspiration that each of us individually gets from artists that influence us. We tend to get a lot of Odette, HAIM, Kimbra and Ocean Alley related comments which is very flattering. I think each of us have a few very different influences and it all comes together into Dulcie.

2018 seemed like a pretty busy year for you with a lot of live shows, what was a highlight for you?

Yeah we played a lot! There were so many beautiful shows with amazing people but a highlight of the year was definitely playing with our good friends, Great Gable at The Rosemount Hotel. It sold out and was the biggest show we’ve ever played, the boys always put on a great show and have a lovely crowd so it’s always a pleasure.

You’re celebrating the launch with a show this Thursday at Mojos. What can you tell us about the other acts and what can we look forward to on the night?

We are indeed! There are going to be some of our favourite bands and best friends helping us launch Fall on Thursday night. Starting off the night are King Ibis, fronted by the insanely talented and altogether lovely lady Nadene Burchell. They released a couple of phenomenal singles in 2018 that we adore. Next up we have the wonderful Lilia, who also just released a bangin’ single, providing some chilled out tunes will be our favourite wine-loving boys from Wooly Mammoth. Straight off the back of their recent single release and WAMAward win, we’re honoured to have them on the lineup.

And what’s next for Dulcie in 2019? Are there any more exciting shows coming up and possibly more music on the way?

2019 is looking potentially huge for Dulcie so far. We’re ridiculously excited to be joining Great Gable on their Cool Mind Blue national tour in February and March. After we return from that we’ll definitely be looking at getting a few more tunes in the pipeline for everyone!