Gilkinson’s Dance Studio

Saturday, January 31, 2015

Dubloadz has had a hugely successful couple of years that have seen him rise to fame in the Dubstep scene. Releases on SMOG records and Never Say Die’s Black Label have been ample reward for a string of top draw productions that have seen him gain support from Eptic, Getter, Skrillex, Coffi and Protohype amongst others. This Perth show was also the first stop on a mini tour for Dubloadz, before heading to Brisbane and Paris amongst a midst of US dates. Hailing from New Jersey and with musical routes stemming from Drum & Bass and Metal, a Dubloadz show can best be described as the combination of different styles of dubstep to produce a uniquely hard-hitting, energetic set that seeks to flex and brutalise his audience, meaning a live performance of such savage wonks at Bassment made excitement palpable.

The atmosphere of Bassment is incomparable to anything else in Perth. Never have I reached the bottom of the Gilkisons stairs on such a fabled night and not been immediately assaulted by a nostalgic sense of déjà vu that this really is as good as it gets. The grimy sauna inspired conditions paste sweat to your skin before you can have a say in the matter, the constant flickering of strobes seem to somehow freeze and accelerate the happenings of everything in the room, the fuzz hanging in the air transcends the thud running through the floor to leave you wondering if the butterflies in your stomach snuck in through your head or your feet and one thing is made abundantly clear, you are standing at the beating heart of an immense bass music scene.

Ever since launching in May of last year, the eight Bassment’s to date have succeeded in selling out the online ticket allocations in minutes without fail and have created some of the more famously long lines of recent times. The last five editions have also featured international headliners in Badklaat, P0gman, Midnight Tyrannosaurus and Le Lion before Dubloadz, all monstrous names in the deeper less commercial dubstep scene. The next edition is no different, with 50 Carrot pulled in for the Perth leg of a four-date Australian tour. This shouldn’t take away from the incredibly talented roster of local DJs as well; a pool of selectors that helped Bassment earn the reputation it carries and which never fails to maintain a scorching atmosphere from doors to close.

Predictably enough, Dubloadz’ set was nothing short of epic. For 90 minutes he threw down a catalogue of humungous wubs in a set firmly grounded in Dubstep, interspersed with occasional Trap offerings and tastes of his more recent production direction, hybrid tracks that sound like mashups of Dubstep and Trap. Dubloadz’ energy and enthusiasm behind the decks was plainly obvious for all to see, clearly very much enjoying himself and extremely passionate about what he’s doing, which always pays forward a large contribution to the mania of such a performance. Eventually the night drew to a close and heritage-listed Gilkisons was allowed to rest, having somehow resisted crumbling to the floor yet again after another hectic night in the Bassment.