DUA LIPA Future Nostalgia gets 8/10

Dua Lipa

Future Nostalgia 
Warner Records


Dua Lipa’s second album Future Nostalgia is a real statement. While there was plenty to like about her self-titled debut (2017), the English pop-star has taken more control in the production process this time around, and fittingly, the result is a feel-good record with female empowerment at its core.

Title track and opener, Future Nostalgia is a sassy and in-your-face song. The line “you ain’t used to a female alpha” introduces the fearless attitude of the album. With a “talk-sing” vocal approach, it explores Lipa’s message more than her singing capabilities with a groovy 80s dance vibe. There is no escaping the little foot taps or shoulder bops.

The song that has taken TikTok by the reins, Don’t Start Now is the ultimate breakup song. Dua Lipa has done a full 180 and like the girl boss she is, relishes in her breakup transformation. “Did the heartbreak change me? Maybe/ But look at where I ended up.” Her airy and catchy lines make this the type of song you find yourself subconsciously humming.

Boys Will Be Boys closes out the album in a completely different style. On the track, Lipa addresses gender equality and misogyny; “I know that there will be a man around to save the day/ And that was sarcasm, in case you needed it mansplained.” In a sorrow tone she talks about the norms of being a girl; “It’s second nature to walk home before the sun goes down/ And put your keys between your knuckles when there’s boys around.”

As she sings about what females know all too well, she urges for change. Although this song sticks out like a sore thumb on this album and some may argue it doesn’t belong, the record is still richer with its inclusion. What better way to make a statement about misogyny than by showing things aren’t all fun and games?

Future Nostalgia is a feel-good album that just makes you want to dance as Lipa fiercely interlaces serious issues throughout the upbeat tracks. If you want to feel the uplifting side-effects of feeling empowered, this album will do the trick.