Dry Dry River

Dry Dry River
Dry Dry River – Photo by Debbie Collins Photography

Alt-rockers Dry Dry River launch their new single, Who, at YaYa’s this Thursday, July 24, with support from Sprawl, September Sun and LYTS. We had a quick chat with singer Jon Madd.

So, who are Dry Dry River?

Dry Dry River started as a jamming project in 2005 between guitarist Adrian Jolly and drummer Benn Palmer. Stuart Young completed the wall of sound on bass, and it wasn’t until early 2012 that they recruited me to sing for the band. I remember our first jam (or maybe it was my audition) at Stream Rehearsal Studios, there was magic in the music that night. We created a monster.

What’s your sound?

Our individual influences are quite varied, but as a band I think we aim to bridge the gap between Rage Against The Machine and Michael Jackson. It’s a strange recipe that seems to work.

Tell us about the writing of the single, Who.

Most of our songs start as open jams and we bounce off each other’s ideas. It’s quite a democratic process. Sometimes the band will have a vague idea or concept and I will try to write the lyrics around it. This song didn’t really have that concept, and wasn’t actually called Who until Corey (Marriott) suggested it while we were mixing the track down.

Where did you record and who with?

Our upcoming EP was recorded with Corey Marriott at YoYo Studio primarily over two intense weekends, over much coffee and chocolates. By the end of it we were exhausted and slightly delirious, but are extremely pleased with the final result and it was definitely worth all the effort to get it right.

Where does Who fit in with the rest of the EP?

We decided to release this track as our first single because it covers a good range of our sound, with catchy hooks throughout the track and ending with a really brutal and heavy riff.

What else is coming up for you guys?

Our second single will be released in September, before we finally unleash our EP in November. Watch this space!