DREAM WIFE Let’s Make Out gets 8/10

Dream Wife
Let’s Make Out


After hitting the scene back in 2015, originally as a performance piece for a university art project, British-Icelandic three piece Dream Wife was delivered to the world. Armed with a rebellious attitude, razor sharp pop-punk tunes and a clear message, often relating to female rights and empowerment, the trio has grown from strength to strength since. If you haven’t heard their Spice Girls infused F.U.U (feat. Fever Dream) already, go listen now, I’ll wait.

As a teaser to their debut self-titled album, due for release on January 26 (just in time for their Laneway fest appearance next year), Dream Wife dropped Let’s Make Out, for a taste of what to expect. It starts with a mellow chanting and background instrumentals building gradually before things get turned up with “Let’s Make Out” rebelliously yelled into centre stage to kick things off.

The strong but well infused guitar riffs and rolling bass create a brilliant pop-punk foundation which, when layered with the upbeat screamy-dreamy vocals, results in a catchy song that explodes in your ears. Essentially, the song’s about making out (no surprises there), but more specifically, its lyrics encourage respectful human empowerment via embracing that special someone, no matter who you are, your sexuality or preferences, everyone is equal. It’s upbeat, catchy and hard not to enjoy.

Dream Wife have punk covered: their style, their carefree, fuck the norm attitude; and most of all, their music, which oozes girl power. An awesome example of an all-female band kicking ass, with a powerful message, and showing the world what punk is all about. If Let’s Make Out is anything to go by, their debut album will be one to look forward to in 2018.