DREAM STATE A hot water of a playlist bottle for these warped, hazy times

You would not be alone in thinking that the last few months have had a surreal feel to them. Time feels warped and the world seems to have a hazy shroud around it. This playlist seeks to capture that vibe and distill it into a selection of 30 songs, encompassing the Dream State we find ourselves in. With a range of locals from Mt Mountain to Psychedelic Porn Crumpets alongside internationals like My Bloody Valentine, let our guest playlist expert STUART WALKER fill up your hot water bottle, wrap you in a blanket, then chuck on your headphones or speaker. We recommend you listen in order, make sure your crossfade is turned on, strap in and get ready to find yourself is a Dream State. Simply scroll below or just paste this link into your Spotify search browser.

We are welcomed through the gates to the dream state by Sam Gellaitry’s Flares, a lush and enchanting track of synths and strings that sets the tone for the rest of the journey. From there we wade through a valley of shoegaze and psych rock, led by the classic Only Shallow by My Bloody Valentine, and including a track from locals French Rockets, Stuck in a Moment, a huge yet comforting wall of fuzzy guitar riffs and swirling synths. There’s an appearance from local legends Mt. Mountain as well, with their hypnotic track, Tassels.

Washed Out’s recent single Too Late chills things down a bit, followed by a track that’s dripping with nostalgia and tape hiss, TTYL, from Morabeza Tobacco.  We bounce around between instrumental and electronic tunes for a few tracks, with appearance by Perth heavyweights Demon Days with Safehouse, and Spacey Jane with Booster Seat. It’s amazing how easily our local musicians can slide into place and hold their own alongside artists like Anderson .Paak.

Things get a bit hazier and downtempo for a while, with Evenings, Sun Glitters, Lapalux and Clams Casino delivering us some magical tunes that sound like honey mixed with glitter in music form. This moment is interspersed with an immense psychedelic jam track, Denmark / Van Gogh & Gone from Perth’s Psychedelic Porn Crumpets, taking you to another realm entirely. Shaun, of the duo Command Q –  known for their whimsical yet hard hitting club bangers – reemerges with a project entitled Slow State, that is a far cry from his previous group’s sound. His track Leavin’, featuring the Melbourne-based multi-instrumentalist Yeo, slows things down to an almost glacial pace, yet commands your attention for its entirety.

An old favourite, Another Roof Another Proof, from the instrumental post-pop Perth group Apricot Rail, takes things in a light and fluffy direction. Lone treats us to an interlude of sorts, with a comforting ambient track Hiraeth (Welsh for homesickness or nostalgia), before things take a colder turn with Real from Perth’s Queen of hazy beats and silky vocals, KUČKA. Another of Perth’s finest singer songwriters, Tanaya Harper, closes us off with, funnily enough, the opening track from her recent EP, Slow Motion Breakup.