DREAM RIMMY Rest in peace?

Dream Rimmy are performing what might be one of their final shows this Friday, July 27. Playing alongside Lucy Peach as part of the Perth Winter Festival, head down to The Winter Fest Dome, a unique pop-up venue in Yagan Square this winter with free activities and performances. Ali Flintoff from Dream Rimmy tells EMMA STOKES about the quiet conclusion of the band and the new projects in the works for her on the East Coast. Catch what is likely one of Dream Rimmy’s final breaths at this family-friendly event.

What’s reason for the current remission of Dream Rimmy? What have you been up to?

A few reasons. Mainly because I have moved to Sydney, and for a band who mainly plays locally, that makes it very hard. I’ve also started a new solo project that is too similar sounding to Dream Rimmy to justify doing both (laughs).

Can we expect any new stuff from Dream Rimmy down the track?

No I don’t think so. We did record a single last year that we have kind of forgotten about. We might end up digging that out of the grave one day and release it.

You always seem to have a lot of projects on the go all at once, what’s happening right now? What are you putting your energy into at the moment?

At the moment my focus is on Boat Show and my new project Denise le Menice. Soon to be recording albums for both. So, I’ve just been a hermit in my little room trying to write and finish off all the songs.

Who’s going be on stage at Yagan Square for Perth Winter Fest? Is it the original band of merry men or is there some chopping and changing?

I’m not sure! It will be the angelic Jack Gaby and the not so angelic Me. The set will be stripped back so I suppose we will have to figure out what to do. Having 6 members isn’t an option for this show I presume (laughs).

It’s a free all ages event… does it make you pleased to know there will be young girls in the audience seeing you doing music stuff and commanding a stage?

Yes it does please me! I think it’s important for youngens of all genders to watch females up on stage for obvious reasons. There’s not nearly enough all ages events that go on in P-town. I’ve barely ever played any! So it will be awesome playing to a whole new age group. I hope they like it. Kids are scary.

With the heightened discussion in music over the past year or so regarding diversity of line-ups and misconduct of big-shot industry men, have you noticed any changes at gigs or in the behind the scenes stuff of the music world you are a part of?

Yes, I have noticed a change. You don’t really get away with booking all male line-ups anymore. That’s the main change I’ve found. Also, people’s choice of language has changed a bit and there is lots of conversation happening around equality in music that is very important for the growing amount of people who are willing to listen. I just wish there was more of this conversation happening outside of the arts bubble. Personally, with this change I have noticed a growth in my self-worth and confidence as a female as well. As weird as that sounds.