Dream Rimmy – Big Splash Heat #2 Winner

Dream Rimmy
Dream Rimmy

Answered by Ali Flintoff (guitar/vocals), Vin B (synth/vocals)  and George Foster (drums/vocals).

How did you feel about your set on Tuesday night?

We felt pretty positive about our set, a few technical difficulties but besides that we had fun. We opened with a new song we hadn’t played before, everyone yelled and cheered, ‘well done good job!’ because we haven’t played a new song since our last show in ’83 at the Challenge Stadium.

What acts caught your ear/eye?

All the acts had heaps of good bangers so it was a pretty entertaining night all round. Real diverse line-up! D-Jeong’s an old school friend of Vin, so it was a heartwarming moment when they met eyes across the dim, moody, candle-lit Bird.

Who else in the Big Splash heats are you keen to get a look at?

Hideous Sun Demon and Kitchen People. Vin is in them but he secretly hates them and wants just Dream Rimmy to win so he’s going to sabotage those bands’ performances. Wehatethem.

What are your plans, at this stage, for the rest of 2014?

We would have recorded an EP by then so we’re planning to: Rock Out, Have Fun, Stay Phresh, Eat Well, Keep Cool, Visit Mum, Play Nice/Show, Make Friends, Play Rock Show, Be Hot. x

The Big Splash continues with Heat #3 on Tuesday, June 17, at The Odd Fellow, featuring Stu Orchard, Future Entity (formerly known as Chelsea Cullen), Husband and Indigo. Tickets are $5 at the door from 8pm.