DOLCE BLUE @ Lyric’s Underground gets 7/10

Dolce Blue Nobody Asked single launch @ Lyric’s Underground

w/ Tall Sea District, Portia & Mark
Saturday, February 1, 2020


Local alternative pop-rockers Dolce Blue (that’s Veronica, Lachy, Brody and Daniel) took to new Maylands venue Lyric’s Underground last Saturday night for an evening of soft tunes, nice chats and even the addition of a cheeky self-titled cocktail for our indulgence. These four, after a busy year on the local scene, don’t like to keep us waiting, with Saturday night’s single launch Nobody Asked giving us a glimpse into what forthcoming album Always Blue has yet to bring to the table.

Portia & Mark

Setting the mood first up was a duo set from Portia & Mark (of Indigo Walrus). These Perth musos, usually set amongst a five-piece, started to an already nicely filled room. Rotating vocals, the pair eased us into the early evening just right in a layered performance.

Tall Sea District

Next up was Tall Sea District (also in duo format) who smothered us with a set full of 90s inspired pop-rock and originals. With a cover of The Strokes favourite, Someday, the two used drum loops here and throughout the set for a fuller sound – although they undoubtedly would’ve thrived with the addition of a drummer. Aside from hitting home with a number of singalongs, they sat a little bit outside of the beachside indie vibes of the night.

Dolce Blue

From the rich indie rock breeding ground of Kalamunda (The Panics, Snowman), Dolce Blue took to the stage with track Dream Catcher followed by a new tune. Although soft and sweet, these tunes possibly weren’t the best choice for an opening following a fairly slow-moving delivery from the supports. Instantly channelling Lana Del Ray vibes, singer Veronica’s voice is heartfelt and emotive, and there was certainly a little summertime sadness in the air. With the addition of some voice double-ups, this was an alternative sound similar to that of The xx and the folk-pop antics of Of Monsters and Men (recently here for Falls Fest).

Nevertheless, it wasn’t long before they took to the room with obvious crowd pleaser Hey Now, a top pick from last year’s album Forever is Too Long. This track swayed through the room making us feel all the vibes and drawing a few to the dance floor. Followed by Summer Wave, Veronica introduced this one as “a fun little summer track” to keep all the feels going.

Dolce Blue

Treating us to an evening of fresh off the bat tracks alongside some fan favourites, this is a band who know their sound. A highlight was Surfey Song, encompassing everything its name sets out to be. Standing out musically here, the four showed with ease their ability to naturally move together. Held together by the whole band the song built nicely towards guitarist Lachy’s impressively funky solo which we were all waiting for.

Reeling into the end of the night nicely was TV before the one we’d all been waiting for. Brand new single Nobody Asked was the ultimate dreamy combination; reminiscent of your first sweetheart and all those warm nights you’ve spent under the stars. Pinpointing their style again with an instrumental alongside Veronica’s melancholic tones, it made for a perfect end of day wind-down. And of course, there’s always, “time for one more,” said Veronica before ending on a high note with last year’s dancier single, New White Sneakers.


Photos by Linda Dunjey