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DOD Overdrive Preamp 250 Pedal / VOX Straight 6 Drive Pedal


DOD Overdrive
Through Digitech/Harman, the analog DOD Overdrive Preamp 250 is back. The new version of the DOD 250 captures all of the classic tone of the original. The 250 features true bypass (which the original model did not offer) and 9V DC power supply input.

Like the original, The DOD Overdrive Preamp 250 has simple controls: on/off, gain and level. The pedal essentially serves two purposes: to provide overdrive to a signal, or to create a volume boost for solo sections. The pedal is reasonable effective at creating a useable overdrive, but players looking for that ‘dollop of cream’ will look elsewhere as this unit is far more aggressive in tone and frequency. As a volume boost for solos or as a general amp boost, this effect comes into its own. It’s not likely to turn many heads as a stand-alone overdrive solution, but will prove itself a reliable workhorse when considered as part of a pedal chain or effects board.

The DOD Overdrive Preamp 250 is a nice look (and listen) back into the past and retails for $179.



Part of the company’s ‘Tone Garage’ range, the Vox Straight 6 Drive borrows from the world of vintage hot rods in both name and design. Gloriously gaudy in a lime green finish, with white chicken-head control knobs and a visible 12AX7 tube proudly place on top of the unit, the pedal opts for a ‘bigger is better’ physical presence where other manufacturers are more often presenting smaller, more compact pedals in these ‘pedal board real estate’-conscious times. In fact the overall look may very well have players decide whether they are in or out before they even play a note, so that’s a pretty bold statement in itself.

Possessing more controls than it realistically needs – on/off, volume, bass, tone, gain, and a brightness switch – this unit takes a little more finessing than other overdrive pedals to get a great result. There is of course the argument that more controls means more ability to tweak, but if a competing model delivers great tone with less work then maybe said controls are superfluous. Nevertheless, there is some sonic joy to be found here with a little bit of experimentation, and players who like their overdrive a little more raucous and edgy will get a kick out of this stylish tearaway.

The Vox Straight 6 Drive retails for $219.

All products reviewed at Sound Centre Morley.

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